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The Jin are a race of small mystical creatures. They are found in groups of three at random places around the island. While typically found in the Forest Biome, the Jin can be found in any biome. Right now there are two types of Jin: One with a scarf and one without noticeable adornment.

Jin are normally wary of the player and will run from her when she draws near. Chasing down the jin and pressing the Interact button will cause the Jin to stand still, say something in its language then run away again.

Jin are crucial for receiving crafting scrolls before the Dragon Statue Missions that award them. These scrolls are gifted through an exchange with the Jin. The player can offer the Jin any Crafted item of either Common, Fine or Superb Quality by holding the item ready in hand and then pressing middle mouse to throw the item down. The nearest Jin will come over and examine the item. If he likes it, he will take the item and drop a scroll of a random quality from either Highborn, Desert or Runestone sets. Trading items of higher worth, such as fine or superb, increase the chance of higher ranking scrolls, but in no way guarantee it. It's very possible to trade superb items and receive common scrolls, and vice versa.

Each Jin will trade only three or four times, afterwards any attempt to trade will result with them taking items from you without giving anything back. They will play an 'Empty Pockets' animation and scurry away. Once all the Jin of an island world have been traded with, you must seek out new islands to find more or wait for them to have more scrolls. They are capable of trading more scrolls after a period of time in which you do not attempt to trade with them.

Scrolls of the various qualities can be used as Trades with Jin! Any Scrolls that fail to unlock more crafting recipes can be recycled through the Jin for a chance to get one that does.

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